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Mark Hull, is an economist who worked on utilities for more than a decade for private sector consultants such as London Economics, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Indepen. Before that he ran a medium sized manufacturing company, and was a corporate strategist for a global ink-making company. Before that he studied for an MBA at the London Business School, and before that he was an economist for the British Government in the Department of Energy, the Treasury, including a spell at the IMF, and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Nowadays Mark teaches economics and business strategy at various business schools. His interests include both micro- and macro-economics, so major developments in the utilities, transport, and energy sectors, the economics and structure of the financial sector, and long term macroeconomic issues such as potential growth rates, the failure of capitalism to increase median incomes in the last quarter century, and the economic consequences of intelligent capital (machines that learn).

As you might guess from such a background, Mark’s pet peeves are economists who refuse to consider theories or evidence from other academic or business disciplines, and economists who can only make neo-classical assumptions.

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