Alternatives to hs2: Plan B – an integrated high-speed transport plan that unites the United Kingdom


Plan B Presentation – an alternative to HS2.

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hs2 is meant to be a high-speed transport system that reinvigorates the UK for the middle of the 21st century. But it will never do anything for the South East, the South West, East Anglia or Wales, and there are serious doubts it will ever reach Scotland. Already the cross-piece Northern Powerhouse link has come unstuck at the first hurdle. Plan B is an alternative plan to hs2 that invigorates ALL regions of the UK, not just the Midlands, lays down a truly high-speed transport network fit for the rest of this century, and integrates high-speed rail with an expanded motorway network in a fully environmentally sustainable way, that will be acceptable in southern Britain, providing truly integrated national 21st century transport options. It also vitally solves the fundamental regional problem at the heart of the UK’s economic sclerosis – the overcrowding of South Eastern Britain: by providing integrated high-speed links from the centre to all the regions, and linking the regions directly to each other, jobs and people will follow to the regions where salaries and costs are much lower, and there is plenty of space for housing. It is the only policy that will really provide credible hope for regions where many people voted Brexit as a protest vote, because they feel life’s main economic chances are passing them by. This is the only policy that really unites the United Kingdom for the rest of this century.

Download this free Powerpoint presentation and look at the fundamental transport options the UK faces. Before we irrevocably commit the UK permanently to hs2’s mediocre design examine this radical possibility which really could change the shape of the UK in the late 21st century. If you think this or some possible version of it is a runner insist on a thorough evaluation of all the possibilities and then a referendum. Download this free Powerpoint presentation of the argument put forward in the policy forum on this website and pass it on to friends and influencers – lobby your MP!

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