Our ethos

The rationale for professionaleconomics.net is to provide a useful resource for practising economists. The site is non-doctrinal and has no ties or affiliations to particular governments, institutions or commercial interests. Economists can easily check out latest developments, review reports or books, express views, ask questions, float ideas, establish what other economists really think about the technical quality of public documents, or of private ideas, all while preserving their anonymity from the public and from their own organisation, if needed.

Think TripAdvisor for economists. TripAdvisor helps you plan holidays by offering advice on what are the best things to see in a place, where to stay, where to eat etc. It’s written by travellers for travellers. You can either just read what the reviewers say about places, hotels, restaurants etc., or, if you have the time and inclination, you can join it, anonymously contributing your own reviews, and have these in turn reviewed by the reading public.

So at professionaleconomics.net you can either just browse the site, and read anything that takes your fancy, or sign up and contribute, depending on how much time you can spare. There’s no charge and after the initial email confirmations, we won’t send you more than one email a month. We will never sell or hand over our contributor list to anyone. However, if you say something with policy implications that a government or firm may really dislike, be aware of what modern security agencies can do remotely, without our permission: we cannot promise total security!

To see what’s involved in signing up (it really is the minimum) click here.

One of the most popular websites for professional economists is the World Economics Association at http://www.worldeconomicsassociation.org/.

One excellent website for non-neo-classicals is the Cambridge Trust For New Thinking in Economics which explains its non-equilibrium rationale at http://www.neweconomicthinking.org/thinking.htm.

A rival site – no monopolies here – which espouses new ways of thinking is the Institute for New Economic Thinking, which explains its rationale at


If you would like to suggest more useful doctrinal or anti-doctrinal links, or have other comments, please contacts us at info@professionaleconomics.net